Little Orphan Annie

Orphan Man, Sitting With A Girl

Orphan Man, Sitting With A Girl

And her father’s solution was to hand her over to the Children’s Aid Society. Nice!

Drove Little Annie Heasley Away From Home.

The little girl who was found wandering on the streets of Shelocta last week, and afterwards turned over to Human Agent Thompson, has been identified. Her name is not Jessie Anderson, as she told Mr. Thompson, but Annie Heasley, and her home is near South Bend rather than Five Points.

When taken before Sidney Marlin, J.P., she told quite a different story than on her first questioning. Her father who was informed of her whereabouts through the GAZETTE, was present when the child told her story and was much shocked as every detail of the plan to send her homeless into the world was revealed.

Annie’s story was like this: Her step-mother told her that she must never again use the name, Annie Heasley, but must always pass as Jessie Anderson; neither was she to tell anyone that her home was near South Bend. Quite a clever scheme was fixed up to conceal the identity of the child, and she was then driven from home, followed by threats of a severe whipping if she returned, or departed from the story which had been manufactured for her.

From South Bend she wandered to Shelocta where she was picked up and brought to Indiana. Her father when he found she was in town, thinking she had run away, had papers made out committing her to the Morganza reform school, but on hearing her story turned her over to the Children’s Aid Society, who have given her over to a family named Kauffman, near Homer City, to raise.

Indiana County Gazette (PA) 20 Jul 1892

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