Musical Interlude…And Science

Dancing Cow

Dancing Cow

A man ahead of his time, or was he just keeping an eye on the bottom line?

Lancaster Cows Like “Swing”

LANCASTER, Jan. 19–Fellow dairymen shook their heads when Park Miller installed a radio for his 31 cows about a year ago. Today he explained [what] his experiment disclosed. Cows like to hear dance orchestras.

They seem to prefer snappy tunes to the dreamy waltz numbers.

Classics are not so effective.

Symphonies and bits from the comedians and speeches never should be tuned in.

Miller explained he installed the radio because he figured music would help keep the cows contented. Poultrymen discovered some years ago that they got more eggs by putting electric lights in their hen houses. It works out the same, he said.

When he turns on the radio his 31 cows show immediate interest. If the orchestra swings into some catchy tune, they’ll listen in bovine contentment, seldom taking their eyes from the machine.If the music doesn’t have that certain swing, the cows appear bored.

Then there’s something else about putting a radio in your cow barn. Miller said he observed that his hired men went about their work with a lot more vim and vigor when a snappy tune was on the air.

Indiana Evening Gazette (PA)  19 Jan 1937

Now, about those chickens…

Timely Reminders From Pennsylvania State College.

Eggs and Electric Lights–If artificial lights have been turned on in the poultry plant, turn on an equal amount of common sense with them. Those who get an egg production much over fifty per cent for any length of time will pay dearly next spring by having their flocks go to pieces and molt.

Indiana Evening Gazette (PA) *unknown date

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