Violence at the Old Watering Hole..times 2

Last Night to Liquor Up

Last Night to Liquor Up


(By United Press)
EAST LIVERPOOL, O., July 23.– Residents of the city, one of the largest in Ohio to vote “dry,” are ????y provisioned for a thirst siege. Yesterday was the last day for two years in which liquor could be sold. So the saloonkeepers had bargain sales and men and women crowded in to get the stuff.

The saloon finish was also marked by a shooting a??ray in which Charles Hineman, a saloonkeeper, was fatally wounded. A.L. [or I] Mercer, a photographer, is alleged to have done the shooting and is held with a companion without charge pending the result of Hineman’s injuries. Hineman is said to have tried to stop a fight. Mercer and his companion escaped down the river on a ????ch [maybe launch] but were captured by detectives.

New Castle News (PA) 24 Jul 1907

On the upside, with the booze ban, he was gonna be out of work anyway, so Mr. Photographer may have done him a favor.

UPDATE: Here is an update (2 separate articles) on the saloon shooting, with some interesting information about the dead man’s wife in the second one:

Free-for-All Fight Takes Place in East Liverpool Saloon

East Liverpool, O., July 23.–A shooting which is likely to result in a charge of murder, marked the closing tonight of the saloons for their long dry season under the result of the recent election. Clark Hineman, a saloonkeeper, is in the hospital with a bad bullet wound, and the surgeons say he cannot live until morning.

Azel Mercer and George Heckatholm are in Jail. Mercer to be charged with murder if  Hineman dies, and Heckatholm to be charged with being an accomplice.

The shooting occurred during a free fight in front of Hineman’s saloon just at closing hour. Hineman attempted to play peacemaker, whereupon, it is charged, Mercer drew his revolver and shot him through the abdomen. Mercer threw the gun away, and he and Heckatholm made for the river, where they boarded their steam launch. The landed between East Liverpool and Wellsville, and were at once arrested by Policeman Dawson and McDermott of this city.

The Elyria Chronicle (Elyria, Ohio) 23 Jul 1907

Awaits the Slain Man’s Young Widow if She is Cured of Drug Habit.
East Liverpool, O., Aug. 3.–The bulk of $15,000 in cash in a Pittsburg bank and considerable real estate in this city and Chester, W. Va., are to become the property of Maude Smith, whose name before her marriage to Clark [D or L] Hineman of Moundsville, W. Va., was Marie Bertrand, of Wheeling W. Va., if she is cured of a drug habit she is alleged to possess.

The will of her late husband, which has just been filed for probate in the Columbiana county courts makes such provision for the young widow.

Hineman was fatally shot here the night of July 22. The fact that he was married did not become known until after he was taken to the

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) 03 Aug 1907

Saloon Shoot-Out

Saloon Shoot-Out

A Texas saloon shoot ‘em up story. I had ancestors  living in this area back in the 1890’s.

Held Up Seven Men

SHERMAN, Tex., Jan. 17,–At Bell’s, twelve miles east of here, George Smith, a farmer, entered a saloon Wednesday night and compelled seven men at the point of a revolver to hand over their money and valuables. As he was leaving the saloon Jim Sibet, the town marshal, fired, but missed him, and Smith returned the shot and the bullet entered Sibet’s head. He will die.  Smith was afterward captured, brought here and placed in jail in spite of the efforts of the mob to lynch him.

New Castle News (PA) 21 Jan 1891

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2 Responses to “Violence at the Old Watering Hole..times 2”

  1. Jessica (Sibet) Young Says:

    I was wondering if you had any more information regarding Jim Sibet, town marshal of Sherman Texas.

    As a “Sibet” from MN, I am having a hard time finding any information on our heritage. Every single Sibet I have come across, I am a direct relation to and nobody know anything past my great grandparents or where we’re from.

    any information would be very welcoming,
    Jessica Sibet Young

  2. mrstkdsd Says:


    If you could give me some names and dates/locations to work with, I will see if I can find anything that might help you.

    I did take a quick look, and that surname is not all that common. I found some spelling variations: SIBBET / SIBBITT / SIBBETT / SIBBIT / SIBET.

    This is from a New Jersey genealogy site. You may want to try to contact the person who has that surname listed. Here is the link to the surname list. Scroll down:

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