TARIFFic Poetry

Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes

General Hayes, the Radical candidate for Governor, is said to be a heavy stockholder in a New England woolen manufactory, and the fact seems to have inspired somebody with the following “poem,” which is “respectfully dedicated to the would-be Governor”:


Ho! all ye Western savages,
Who live on corn and pork,
Come up and buy our Yankee goods
And keep our mills at work.
Come up, we’ve got the fariff fixed–
You can’t buy any cheaper,
The “moral party” rules the land
And we’re its conscience-keeper.

The pesky South had always kicked
Against our just protection,
We’ve got her safe–there’s not a vote
From all that hated section.
And while they’re out it gives us all
A most convenient season,
To line our nests–and so we say
They’ve lost their votes by Treason.

Your Western corn, and pork, and rye,
Are first rate things to tax on,
And so we lay the duties high
Your bread and barley backs on;
You like it too-your Western men
In Congress–House and Senate,
Stand ready by to vote the tax
As fast as we can pen it.

We tax your coats, we tax your hats,
We tax your bread and butter;
We tax your boots, your socks, your shirts,
And don’t you dare to mutter.
And while we bind you round and round
With strong and tripple ties,
The “tax on wool” we deftly pull
Across your sleepy eyes.

The Ohio Democrat (New Philadelphia, Ohio) 13 Sep 1867

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