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Teacher, Miss Eliza Reed Cracks Them With a Ruler

January 4, 2009



WINSTED, Conn. Sept. 28 — Complaint has been lodged with the school authorities of the place against a new teacher, Miss Eliza Reed, of Badford, O., who, it is said, makes pupils who put their lead pencils in their mouths stand on tip toes beside the blackboard and hold their hands up to a certain mark. If their fingers fall below the mark she cracks them with a ruler, it is asserted, and has already broken a dozen rulers. Several angry parents have taken their children from the school, whch opened last Tuesday.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Sep 28, 1906


January 4, 2009
Saltpeter Caves

Saltpeter Caves

I remember hearing rumors about “Salt Peter” while my son was in basic training, and it had nothing to do with gun powder.

SALTPETRE vs. ST. PETER.–Barnum is always ready with a good story. His latest is the following, which is told of Elias Howe, jr., who has been very active in fitting out regiments for the war. Mr. Howe has spent thousands of dollars in this way, and taken so great an interest in military affairs, that he has had but little time to attend to anything else. One day a very worthy Connecticut deacon called upon the gentleman with a subscription list. He wanted Mr. Howe to give something toward errecting a new church.

“A new church,” replied Howe, “ah! a new church. I don’t think I can give anything, because I am spending all my spare money for the war. I can think of nothing else.”

The deacon looked disappointed. At length Howe asked him what the new church was to be called.

“The Church of St. Peter, sir.”

“Ah! the Church of St. Peter,” replied Howe.

“Well, as St. Peter was the only fighting apostle in the lot, I guess I’ll have to give him something. But I can’t do much, even for St. Peter, as my time and money must be entirely devoted to saltpetre!”

Appleton Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) Mar 22, 1862

From Wikipedia:

Saltpetre or saltpeter may refer to:

* Potassium nitrate, the critical oxidizing component of gun powder

* Sodium nitrate (“Chile saltpetre”), an ingredient in fertilizers, explosives and solid rocket propellants

* The Saltpeter War (1879-1884) between Chile, Peru and Bolivia

What is to Become of Her Suits and Breaches

January 4, 2009


Sexist Humor

A Miss Lovejoy, of Wisconsin, is now prosecuting her fourth breach of promise suit. Some man will marry that girl yet, in self-defense, and then will be determined what is to become of her suits and breaches.

Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) June 17, 1874