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Poetry in a Bottle

January 11, 2009

Shun the Bottle.
in your
path through
life; through
this world
of pain and
strife, eve-
ry moment
night and day, as you journey
on your way —  shun the whiskey
bottle.   Know  you  not  that  in each
one, hiddeneath the sparkling rum, lies a
deadly   serpent   there?   Brother   do   not
drink,  beware!   Shun  the   whisky   bottle.
In that bottle, too, there lies, guarded by
this  serpent’s tongue, anguish,  poverty
and  crime.   Heed   the   warning–turn
in   time.  Shun  the   whisky   bottle.
Oh! the woe, the ruined lives of the
mothers andthe wives. Heed their
tears;  ok, stop and think of  the
misery caused by drink.  Shun
the whisky bottle.  Brother, if
you  wish to  find  happiness
and  peace of mind,  wealth,
contentment,       comfort,
friends, all on which suc-
cess depends–shun the
whisky bottle.  At   last
when   death   is   at   your
door,  if  you  would  live  for-
evermore, if you would gain celes-
tial prize and live with God beyond
the  skies–shun  the  whisky  bottle.

Lima News (Lima, Ohio)  May 18, 1898