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Chinese Ghost on a Rope

January 13, 2009
Jail Ghost

Jail Ghost

Ghost of Chinese on Rope in Marin Jail Freezes Inmate

SAN RAFAEL. Feb. 21. –In deadly earnest San Rafael’s first and only ghost hunt is underway. Not that any Marin county official really believes in spooks, but then, you know, this story of the Chinese and the rope — it’s most peculiar.

William Bardon, serving a year for assault, has told Sheriff Keating and the officials of the jail that he has been receiving nightly visits from the ghost of a Chinese and that the misty Oriental, on each visit, goes through all the motions of hanging himself with a rope fashioned from a bed sheet. Barden asked that his cell be changed and the sheriff complied.

What is bothering Sheriff Keating and the jail officials is this:

More than a year ago a man held in the jail on a charge of robbery told the same story.

And the ghost he saw was the same in appearance as that of Barden’s.

And it was the same cell, and the rope and hanging story was the same.

And Barden could have had no way of knowing of the story told by the other prisoner!!

And a Chinese prisoner once committed suicide in that very cell by hanging himself with a sheet from the bed!!!

It is a case for sneaky music and investigations.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Feb 21, 1920

Death Trap in a NY Tenement

January 13, 2009
Tenement Fire Escape

Tenement Fire Escape

Three Hebrews Lose Their Lives by an Incendiary Fire

Children Thrown From the Windows to the Pavement.

A Father and His Two Daughters Were Unable to Escape and Perished Amid the Flames.

NEW YORK, March 19. — Terrible scenes were enacted Wednesday morning in the Hebrew district. In a fire that consumed the five-story tenement on the southwest corner of Allen and Hester streets, three of a family of six — father and two daughters — perished miserably. The mother was carried out all but a corpse. Her two boys were more or less badly burned. Men and women leaped and children were thrown from windows in the desperate effort to escape. Firemen and police caught whom the could, but not all. One child was all but killed in the fall. Of the fifty-one persons in the house seven lie dead or maimed. This is the list of the dead:

Barnett Jartar, aged 56, Polish Jew, tailor by trade, burned to death, Sarah his oldest daughter, 19 years, burned to death, Betsy, the youngest daughter, 13, burned to death.

The injured are: Minnie Jartar, 50 years old, wife of Barnett and mother of the children, fatally burned on the face and entire body. She was carried out of the burning house by her son at the imminent peril of his life. Harry Jartar, 16, years, eldest son and her rescuer, right hand burned very badly, Abraham, aged 9 years, the youngest son and last member of the doomed family, hands burned. Abraham Goldstein, aged 3 years, thrown from a window by his father; internally injured in the fall and may die.

The fire started at 3:15 o’clock, when every member of the ten families in the house was fast asleep. It was seen first from the street by three policemen, who gave the alarm. In five minutes, before the firemen could get to work, the flames had crept from the cellar up the only stairway and enveloped the house from the streets to the roof. The tenants, Hebrew tailors, with their families, to a man roused suddenly to confront death in its most terrible form, swarmed down the fire escapes on both sides of the building, shrieking and wailing as they called their dear ones.

The iron rungs of the fire escape were turning white with heat when Max Goldstein reached for them from the third floor and recoiled in despair. He stood holding his three little children in his arms. From the street the police yelled to him to throw them down. He threw Moses, aged 3 years, and Policeman Beyer caught the boy. Rose, the baby, was caught next in the arms of Policeman Weiss, Abraham, 3 years old, followed so quickly that though the policemen broke his fall, they were unable to catch him. He fell heavily on the pavement, and was picked up senseless, injured internally. The father himself jumped after and escaped unhurt. He tossed the children by the heels. The building was gutted and the tenants lost their all.

When the firemen entered the four lower stories were searched and no one found. In the fifth story the firemen found Barnett Jartar and his two daughters dead. They found him kneeling at the window overlooking Allen street, with both hands on the sill, as though he had fallen overwhelmed by the flames, on the very threshold of escape. Under him was the body of his youngest daughter, Bessie.

Kneeling by the bed at the other side of the room they found the body of Sarah wrapped in a blanket. All had been burned and smothered to death. Abraham told the police that they tried the scuttle, but found it locked. But for that none would have perished. It is against the law to lock a scuttle over night. The housekeeper says it was not locked. The police believe that the house was burned by incendiaries.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Mar 25, 1891