Americus, Georigia She, Turns He, Becomes Macon Restauranteur

A Restaurant in Macon

A Restaurant in Macon

A Woman Becomes a Man.

From the Eatonton, Ga., Star

During the war there was born in Americus, Georgia, a child baby, that became the pet of the town. The girl grew to girlhood, and after reaching her teens was sent off to a prominent female seminary in this state to receive the finishing touches in her education. Of course she associated and roomed with the other girls, and finally graduated. But on her return home, you can judge the surprise of the people of Americus when she donned male attire, and appeared upon the street as sprightly a little dude as you would care to see. She cut the acquaintance of the girls as associates, and went exclusively among the boys, adopting their habits and manner. Afterward this strange being moved to Macon, Georgia, where it opened a restaurant in the carshed, and did business there for several years. It was looked upon and recognized as a man, and indulged in all the dissipations characteristic of the sex. I roomed with him or her for several weeks, and both occupied the same bed. There was no difference in the bearing of my strange partner and any other man. It afterwards courted and married a young lady of Macon, but after living together as man and wife for several months the bride returned to her parents, but gave the world no reason for her voluntary separation. Those facts I know to be true, and I trust they are equally as wonderful as the story that you have just read. I have since learned that there are frequent instances where the sex of a woman has changed to that of a man, but no account is given of a transformation the other way.

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia) Feb 22, 1889

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