Driven Away by Brace of Fair Horse Thieves

Woman with Horse and Buggy 1918

Woman with Horse and Buggy 1918


Several Buggies Left Standing on Streets Have Been Driven Away by Brace of Fair Horse Thieves.

Two women, whose descriptions have been furnished the police, are stealing horses and buggies left standing by their owners in the business section of the city. Yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock the women were seen driving away from Austin’s real estate office on Broadway in a buggy, belonging to E.O. Johnson of the Kentucky stables. The rig is still missing and the authorities have been unable to learn of its whereabouts or who the two women thieves are. The women are stout and welldressed. Both are dark complexioned and one is thought to be of Spanish descent. The stolen horse is a sorrel, with one white ankle. The buggy is a business vehicle, with a black body and red running gear. It has rubber tires. The police believe that the women have been implicated in the theft of several buggies and thus far they have been able to successfully elude the strong arm of the law.

Duncan McMullen of 4906 Broadway has reported that a bay mare, weighing about 850 pounds, fourteen hands high, was stolen yesterday from a lot at Forty-ninth street and Broadway.

Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) Jun 28, 1907

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