John G. Corr: A One Time Sensation

John G. Corr, a tailor by trade, came from Ireland to Indiana County, Pennsylvania. I guess you could say he left his mark on the area in which he settled. The article about his death below, states he married a “second” time, however, it appears he may have been married 3 times; first to Sara Elizabeth, then Ada Clawson, and lastly, the unknown wife mentioned in the death notice.

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PINE FLAT, Jun 18th, 1878.

MR. EDITOR: — As there has been no communications from this place lately, and being anxious to have our community noticed, we take the liberty of acting as spokesman. There is quite a lot of fun laid out for the Fourth — Brass Band — big speaking — gymnasts — and a grand musical entertainment at night. But the happiest mortal alive is our tailor, John Corr, who has taken unto himself a wife, (which was somewhat of a surprise to the natives, and in fact a surprise to himself.) In an interview with him, we give his own words, “With a wife now, I am more contented and feel more important; can keep up with the fashions in trade, and do something towards promoting the democratic cause.” We wish him a happy journey in matrimonial bliss.
Yours respectfully,

[Why did not our correspondent mention the name of the bride, as she must certainly have been a party to the contract. — ED. DEMOCRAT.]

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Jul 4, 1878

John Corr and Family 1880

John Corr and Family 1880

CORR — August 15, 1885, at her father’s residence in Dakota, of consumption, Elizabeth Corr, wife of John G. Corr, of Marion, aged 26 years.

The Indiana Democrat (Indiana, Pennsylvania) Sep 3, 1885

Cambria County Poorhouse

Cambria County Poorhouse

Aftermath of a One-Time Sensation.

John G. Corr died last week in the Cambria county poor house where he had been removed some weeks previous. He was aged about 60 years and is survived by his second wife and several children.

The late Mr. Corr was many years ago a resident of Marion Center, a tailor by trade. His death recalls one of the most sensational tragedies ever known in Indiana county. John G Corr was  married to a girl named Clawson, born and raised near Jacksonville. Corr was extremely jealous of her. The beginning of the trouble started when the couple lived in Marion, Mrs. Corr becoming the mother of a child. One day Corr came home it is supposed drunk, and made his wife the subject of dreadful accusations, involving, it is alleged, the good names of several of the then best known citizens of Marion.

Whether they were true or not Mrs. Corr in a frenzy, threw the child in the well. Wild excitement ensued and the babe was finally rescued, but it never recovered. After some delay the mother was arrested for murder and after a tedious trial was acquitted on the ground of insanity. She was sent to an insane asylum and whether she died there or was afterwards released is not known to the writer.

Corr became a wanderer, at times returning to Marion and resuming his trade, never settling for any length of time in one spot, and finally marrying  second time. Before his death he was keeping “bachelor’s hall” in Spangler, Cambria county. When his sickness came there was no one to look after him and he was sent to the Cambria poorhouse as above stated.

The affair caused the wildest excitement at the time and it is possible that the woman bore alone the burden of sin that should have been shared by others. Again, it is said, she was innocent entirely of any of the offenses which indirectly led to her trial.

Indiana Weekly Messenger (Indiana, Pennsylvania) May 8, 1901

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