Runaway Indents


I guess indentured servants weren’t worth very much.

6 Cents Reward.

RAN away from the subscriber on the 24th ult. an indented apprentice to the Tanning Business named


About 17 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high and slender made. His is quarrelsome and fond of liqor. The above reward, but no charges or thanks, will be paid for his apprehension.

September 3.

Ohio Repository, The (Canton, Ohio) Sep 11, 1823


These two were in the same paper:

One Cent Reward.

RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on Saturday the 1st inst. whilst on a journey:

Andrew Keyser,

An indented Apprentice to the Printing Business. He is slender made, about 19 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, dark complexion & much freckled in the face; is very talkative and sly, does not tell the truth, and has the prejudice that he knows a great deal, but, in fact is very ignorant; he cannot read correctly, and hardly can write his name, and that only in German — in short, he is as yet quite imperfect in the business, but very perfect in roguery. He had about two years to serve, and wore a drab coat and black cloth pantaloons, together with other clothing which he took with him. It is probably that he took his course to Somerset or Sunbury, Pa. where he has relations, and very likely will endeavor to get work there. All persons are hereby cautioned not to trust, harbor or employ said ungrateful wretch, as those who do will have to abide by the law, which I shall strictly put in force. The above reward will be paid to any person who will bring him back to the subscriber in Canton, or give information where he is, but no additional charges will be paid.

All printers are requested to give this advertisement a few insertions in their respective papers, and the favor shall be reciprocated in like cases.

Canton, Nov. 14, 1823.

1 Cent Reward.

Nov. 19.

RAN AWAY from the subscriber, on Sunday morning last, an indented Apprentice to the Shoemaking Business. named Jacob Snider, about 16 years old, 5 feet 2 or 3 inches high and of a dark complexion. The above reward, but no charges will be paid for his apprehension and return. All persons are forbidden to trust or harbor him on my account.

Ohio Repository, The (Canton, Ohio) > 1823 > November > 20

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