A Common Substantive, of the Masculine Gender


A SCHOOLMASTER, after having given one of his scholars a sound drubbing for speaking bad grammar, sent him to the other end of the room to inform another boy that he wished to speak to him, at the same time promising to repeat the dose if he spoke to him ungrammatically.

The youngster, quite satisfied with what he had received, determined to be exact, and thus addressed his fellow pupil:

“There is a common substantive, of the masculine gender, singular number, nominative case, and in an angry mood, that sits perched upon the eminence at the other side of the room, wishing to articulate a few sentences to you in the present tense.”

Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) Oct 24, 1877

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One Response to “A Common Substantive, of the Masculine Gender”

  1. Davis Says:

    yay, hump day

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