Budweiser: The Printer’s Choice for a Lubricant

Becker's Saloon Ad 1879 Reno Gazette

Becker's Saloon Ad 1879 Reno Gazette

The Gazette Makes a Bow.

J.J. Becker, the handsome, sent two bottles of Budweiser to this office at three o’clock this afternoon. For the benefit of the Sorosis let it be said that Budweiser is a lubricator, by means of which a printing press is able to produce a great deal better newspaper in less time than has ever been accomplished by any other known oil. It is of a beautiful light red color in the body, and pure amber in the neck of the bottle, which is so constructed that as it is emptied it keeps saying “good, good, good.” A great many people think this article is useful in blacksmith shops, dry goods stores, camp meetings, and other places, but this is a mistake. It is only safe to use it sparingly outside a newspaper shop. Mr. Becker, here’s luck.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Mar 17, 1879

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