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"Rounce" image from

"Rounce" image from

From the Providence Patriot.


Pull up, my boys, turn quick the rounce,
And let the work begin,
The world is pressing on without,
And we must press within —
And we who guide the public mind,
Have influence far and wide,
And all our deeds are good, although
The devil’s at our side.

Let fly the frisket now, my boys!
Who are more proud than we?
While wait the anxious crowd without,
The force of power to see;
So pull away — none are so great,
As they who run the car;
And who have dignity like those
That practice at the bar.

And you who twirl the roller there,
Be quick, you inky man;
Old Time is rolling on himself.
So beat him if you can;
Be careful of the light and shade,
Nor let the sheet grow pale;
Be careful of the monky looks
Of every head and tale.

Though high in office is our stand,
And pi-ous is our case,
We would not cast a slur on those,
Who fill our lower place;
The gaping world is fed by us,
Who retail knowledge here;
By feeding that we feed ourselves,
Nor deem our fare too dear.

Pull up, my boys, turn quick the rounce,
And thus the chase we’ll join;
We have deposits in the bank,
Our drawers are full of coin;
And who should more genteelly cut
A figure or a dash!
Yet sometimes we who press so much,
Ourselves are pressed for cash.

Huron Reflector (Norwalk, Ohio) Jul 4, 1831

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