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Wicked Murderer: Joel Wilson

May 11, 2009


A Philadelphia paper related the following horrible tragedy; Joel Wilson, a middle aged man, of Burlington co., and not in very good repute, left home and was gone a considerable time. Not long since he returned, and to all appearance, was as gay and talkative as usual, until Sunday, when he assumed a disposition to be alone, and avoided conversation.

In this mood he went into the house, took his razor and commenced sharpening it, with the intention of shaving. After he finished, he seated himself on the floor, where a little child of his daughter’s was playing, and, taking it into his arms, deliberately cut its throat from ear to ear; then, throwing it from him, destroyed his own life by inflicting a similar wound on his own throat!

This is a cold and horrible occurance; but its enormity is increased ten-fold when we consider the lamentable fact that the innocent little prattler whom he murdered was his own child! the illicit offspring of his own wickedness! What is human nature when left to itself! Thus the innocent suffer for the crimes of others.

The Daily Sanduskian (Sandusky, Ohio) Aug 1, 1850

*The only Burlington County I can find is in New Jersey. There was a Joel Wilson living there in 1850, but since he was still there in 1860, so this couldn’t have been him.