John Hill: Served Under George I



DIED. on the 23d ult., at the residence of his son near St. Thomas, in this county, Mr. JOHN HILL, aged somewhere about 123 or 127, the former being his own calculation & the latter that of some of his neighbors who had seen his discharge from the army, &c. &c. —

He was born in Herefordshire, England, in the reign of Queen Ann — served an apprenticeship in a dairy — enlisted under George I. for 7 years — when that time expired he again enlisted and served 21 years in England, Ireland, Spain, and in America on the Illinois river. —

When on sea, off Gibraltar, he was wounded in the head, and when at Illinois in the leg. At one time the surgeon came prepared for amputation, which he would not permit. The latter wounds was a running sore at the time of his death.

On return of the troops to Philadelphia for embarkation to England, the choice of a passage home or remaining, was given him — he chose the latter. He then settled in Lancaster county, where he married when about sixty — his wife being about half his age. He has left two children, 15 grand-children, and 2 great-grand children.

At the commencement of our revolution he was considered too old for service. He was a very laborious man, and could do a day’s work when turned of a hundred.

His appearance for years past was that of a living skeleton. His bodily powers experienced a considerable change about 2 years since; his heart failed, coming and returning at short intervals — the sight of one eye entirely failed, and that of the other was greatly impaired, and some of his limbs lost all sensation.

Notwithstanding his feeble state, he would frequently during the summer and fall, walk to St. Thomas, (2 miles) resting an hour or two and taking a little refreshment. His last visit was performed in November.
Franklin Repository.

Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Apr 12, 1831

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