Mayor Dahlman Lassos The Japanese


Omaha’s Cowboy Mayor Frightened Oriental Visitors by Lassoing Them.

It came to light recently that James Dahlman, the cowboy mayor of Omaha, “roped” M. Takagi and M. Ogiko, editors of the Law Journal of Tokyo, who are studying jurisprudence in the United States and who stopped over in Omaha for a day and were entertained by distinguished citizens, says an Omaha special dispatch to the New York Times.

The Japanese had heard that Mayor Dahlman had been a cow puncher on the western plains. They asked him about it, and for answer the mayor picked up a rope, and before his visitors knew what had happened he had stepped across the room and thrown it over the head of M. Takagi, immediately afterward picking up another one and lassoing M. Ogiko.

The Japanese did not know anything about roping cattle, and the mayor’s stunt not only astonished, but frightened them, causing them to jump to their feet, their faces pale, and cry out. Their fears were dispelled when the mayor laughed heartily and took the ropes off their necks.

“Do you lasso people and tie them down when they break your laws?” asked M. Ogiko.

“No; we only lasso cattle,” said the mayor, and then he told them all about roping steers, much to their delight.

Mansfield News (Mansfield, Ohio) Jun 17, 1907

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