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A Yankee Reply to a British Insult

November 18, 2009


An American officer who carried a flag over to the British lines, after having dispatched the business of his mission, was invited by the British commanding officer to dinner. As usual the wine was circulated, and a British officer being called upon for a toast gave Mr. Madison, “dead or alive,” which the Yankee drank without appearing to notice. When it came to the American’s turn to give a toast, he gave the Prince Regent “drunk or sober.” Sir, said the British officer, bristling up and colouring with anger, that is an insult. No sir, answered the American very coolly, it is only a reply to one.

Petersburg Courier.

Ohio Repository, The (Canton, Ohio) Mar 30, 1815

Woman and a Mare

November 18, 2009


A Country Girl once riding past a turnpike gate without paying the usual fee, the tollman hailed her and demanded it; she asked him by what authority he desired toll of her; he answered, the sign would convince her that the law required six cents for a man and a horse. “Well,” replied the girl, “this is a woman and a mare, therefore, you have nothing to expect;” and she rode off, leaving him the laughing-stock of the bystanders.

Huron Reflector (Norwalk, Ohio) Oct 31, 1848