“I Beseech You to Cease to Regret Your Lack of Prosperity.”

A Thanksgiving Prayer.

rockefeller Sr Jr

Rockefeller Sr. and Jr. (Image from http://www.hbci.com)

“I beseech you to cease to regret your lack of prosperity. Thank God you have work and struggle before you.” — J.D. Rockefeller, Jr.

I thank Thee, Lord,
That I have not
A golden hoard
In some safe spot.
And don’t hold away
In any state
Where juries may

O, I rejoice
At this great boon;
I lift my voice
In thankful tune
That from my lack
I almost starve,
For canvas back
I cannot carve.

I am so glad
Indeed, that I
Have never had
The cash to buy
A palace grand
Or castle great
Or miles of land
For my estate.

It is to me
A lasting joy,
One that shall be
Without alloy
That I may jump
Into the ditch
While autos bump
By, with the rich.

My heart is thrilled
With gratitude,
My bosom filled
With thankful mood.
Because I’m sure
It now appears,
I shall be poor
Though all my years.

–Publisher’s Auxiliary.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Nov 23, 1910

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