A slender boy was gazing on the waves
Of the broad ocean from a dizzy height;
Framing great deeds within his childish mind,
All heedless of the coming shades of night.
Ambition stirred within him as he gazed
On the wild motions of each foam-cap’d billow;
Visions of glory, glittering and bright,
Haunted that night the restless dreamer’s pillow.
Loud in his ears peal’d the deep cannon’s roar,
And nations bow’d to him a conqueror.

George Washinton - Princeton (Image from

Ten thousand men are struggling on a plain,
And, through the air resounds the lengthened shout
Of the contending armies. — In the midst
Of the hot melee, foremost in the rout,
The scheming boy, but now a boy no more,
Hovers around, defying danger’s front.
A nation’s wrongs inspire his youthful arm.
And round him rages, thicker than its wont.
The bloody fray. — ‘Tis over — all is still’d;
The boy’s ambitious dreams are well fulfilled.

A crowd have gathered round the massive front
Of a most stately edifice; — and, now,
Clad in plain garments on the portico
A venerable man appears. Hark! how
They shout; the busy tumult rends the air,
A nation’s gratitude inspires each tongue,
And all are gazing on that noble brow.
In whose acclaim those honest plaudits rung,
Louder and louder still for him who won
Again they shout. — The cry is WASHINGTON.

The Experiment (Norwalk, Ohio) Jul 24, 1844

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One Response to “The Cry is WASHINGTON”

  1. Dan Abbott Says:

    Thanks for posting this poem about America’s greatest hero who remains “first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

    Here’s what Winston Churchill had to say about George Washington: “George Washington holds one of the proudest titles that history can bestow. He was the Father of his Nation.” No doubt Winston Churchill looked back on Washington’s example to inspire him during the darkest days of WWII.

    Dan Abbott

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