Twentieth – Century Woman

The Twentieth-Century Woman.

The woman of old as content to live
In a state of extreme degradation;
And to man, the stern tyrant, her services give,
Never dreaming of emancipation.
From our slumber now aroused,
We the cause have espoused
Of Feminine Franchise and Freedom,
And will shortly arrange
A most radical change;
We will let the men know we don’t need ’em.

For man has oppressed us for years
With tyranny, almost inhuman;
He has now had his day,
And had better make way,
For the Twentieth Century Woman.


The News (Frederick, Maryland) Jun 29, 1894


From some verses entitled “The Extension of the Franchise to Women,” which appeared in Fun on March 2, 1867, the year of the Reform Bill and John Stuart Mill‘s Woman Suffrage amendment, and reproduced recently in The Burton Daily Mail, we take the following: —
We all of us no doubt believe
What we are taught in church and chapel,
That sin was born to Mother Eve,
By eating the forbidden apple;
That she made Adam eat some too —
An act to be forgiven never!
And therefore punishment is due
To her and to her sex for ever.

And if the ills she has to bear,
Compared with ours, are often rougher,
She does not in our Suffrage share,
Although for her we have to suffer!

But if afflicted for her sin,
And we for hers, as well as ours,
Why visit it upon her, in
Depriving her of equal powers?

Women are merchants, rulers, queens,
And govern men in every station;
Yet do we not accord them means
To help in governing the nation.

‘Tis now as ’twas with Eve of yore,
Man bows to her, the Legislator!
Then why should we this fact ignore,
And try to make ourselves the greater?

Give her free scope, and ample space
To exercise her rightful powers,
Nor fancy that it will disgrace
Our manhood if she equals ours.

Yes, give her public power to do
What now in private she is doing;
Give her a vote to give to you
Instead of for another’s suing.

I will not trespass further, sir,
Except to say the motion made is,
That we the franchise should confer
On mankind’s better half, the ladies!

“Forty-six years ago!” writes Terminus ad quem –” who sends the verse to the Burton paper, “and this elementary justice still denied, after half a century of work and waiting!”

The Vote – Jan 9, 1914

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