Corn Contest: Seed Corn and WWI




Corn See Contest Successful in Every Way. Ames Expert Awards Prizes Offered by Carroll Merchants. Cash Prizes by Carroll Banks For Sweepstakes Prizes.

The seed corn contest Saturday was all that its promoters had hoped for. A lively interest was roused in the matter of gathering see, the number of exhibits at the contest in the Citizens club room was large and many enthusiastic farmers and farmers’ boys were present at the assignment of prizes Saturday afternoon. The attendance of teachers at the afternoon meeting was good, indication an interest in the schools of the county. And to complete the success of the undertaking the address delivered by J.W. Jarnigan of Des Moines, editor of the Iowa Farmer, was instructive and entertaining.

The Citizens club deserves much credit for getting behind the contest and supporting the efforts of the school authorities in such a wholesome manner. The business men of Carroll contributed handsomely to the prizes awarded by the Ames expert and throughout the contest for several days efforts were made by the president and secretary of the club to stimulate the workers in the country.

There was but a small crowd in the afternoon till the teachers meeting at the school building was over. Then the club rooms were well filled and the meeting listened to the address of the speaker of the afternoon. Mr. Jarnigan told his hearers that he would talk about something so common that only few had ever thought about it. He proceeded to tell them about corn, describing it botanically, giving its history and process of cultivation, its products after manufacture and a whole lots of things about corn that people never thought before. The main object of his interesting talk of three quarters of an hour being to call attention to the small things about us, the things that we do not notice, but which reveals a world of interesting, useful things. The address was replete with interesting bits of knowledge, and sage advice, all told in such an entertaining manner that listeners did not realize that they were receiving instruction from a teacher in the wider field experience.

Prof. Wilson of the extension department of the State college deserves much credit for the manner in which he promoted the seed corn campaign and saw that it was carried to success. Prof. Wilson is an expert in the seed corn line and has done much to carry along the work first started by Prof. Holden in the state. He has been over the state quie generally and says that there is plenty of corn fit for seed, but fears that farmers are not giving sufficient attention to gathering the same. On account of the large per cent of soft corn in the fields he believes that more care than usual should be exercised in gathering seed corn.

Prof. Wilson is conservative in his estimate of the corn procured in the state this year. The average per acre will not be so great, though the acreage is large. After extensive observation in this section of the state he is of the opinion that at least one third of the crop is affected by the frost, that is, a third will be soft.

Image from Carroll County, Iowa GENWEB

Exhibits were presented by the following from the different townships, and the winners of prizes are indicated:

Jasper Township: Oscar and Loyd Peters, (1st prize) Roy Lawson, (second prize), Harry Reid.

Sheridan Township: Lusher Higginbotham, Ruth Lasher, Agnes Harris, Roy Harshbarger, Freddie Seeden, Henry Schleismann, Daniel Lasher, (2nd prize), Harry Sievers, Alice Lasher, Emery Sievers, Josie Williamson, Earl Lasher, (1st prize), Robert Shaw, Edwar Schaeffer, Alice Lasher.

Wheatland Township: K.M. Hansen 1st prize.

Arcadia Township: Elsie Stieper (1st prize, 2nd sweepstakes), Viola Sieverkrubbe, Evelyn Schroeder, Raymond Alter, Roy Rickers.

Maple River Township: Eleanor Jons, (1st prize).

Grant Township: William Beidler, (1st prize), Hilda Lappe, (2nd prize), Clarence Lappe, Robert Stephan.

Glidden Township: School district No. 8, (1st prize).

Richland Township: Gerald Dankle, (1st prize), George Dankle, (2nd prize), Lyle Dankle, Hazel Dankle, Basil and Selma Brand.

Pleasant Valley Township: Carl Schumacker, (1st prize).

Roselle Township: William Schwaller, (1st prize, 1st sweepstakes), Helen Overmoehle (2nd prize), District No. 5.

Washington Township: Julius Schroeder, (1st prize).

Warren Township: Herman Musfeldt, (1st prize), Lester Rowedder, (2nd prize), Arthur Gruhn, Lester Ginzen.

Eden Township: Hildegard Roth (1st prize), Irma Sandrock, (2nd prize), Delbert Morgan, Cluryl White.

Newton Township: Carl Sandrock, (1st prize), Kenneth Renshaw, (2nd prize), Merle Pomeroy, Virgil Renshaw.

Union Township: Alfred McCabe, (1st prize), Miles Smouse, (2nd prize), Irene Bolger, Walter Whalley, Joe Baker, Orton Cretzinger.

The Carroll Herald – Oct 24, 1917

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