The Mad Mullah

The Mad Mullah (Image from

Mad Mullah.

Note — It is reported that the Mad Mullah has a band of hunters on the Roosevelt trail near Nairobi.

Mad Mullah, on a summer day,
Called out his band in fierce array.

“You hot Somali men,” said he,
“Must get some great big game for me;

“The rhino, hippo and them all,
Compared with this are mighty small.”

Mad Mullah smiled when thus he spoke;
His hot Somalis saw the joke.

“We’re on; we’re on,” they yelled in glee;
“Now turn us loose and you shall see.

“How quickly we will go and find
The great big game you have in mind.”

Mad Mullah grinned, for well he knew
What hunting stunts his band could do.

“Good, hot Somalis,” said he then,
“Now scatter and come back again.

“Which that big game, for if you fail
The bunch of you shall go to jail.

“You said you would; don’t stir my ire;
You know how I despise a liar.

“You’ll have a corking time, I hope,
And bring him hither on the lope.”

The hot Somalis bowed and skipped,
Resolved to have the big game nipped.

Mad Mullah, in the desert hot,
Waits, wondering if they will or not!

— W.J. Lampton

Carroll Herald – Jul 14, 1909

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