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A Penitentiary Offense

March 24, 2010


On Sunday last, a German by the name of Miller, who lives in this vicinity, came into town, exhibiting, with much satisfaction, a part of a human EAR, exclaiming, ‘I’se mark’d him,’ and wanted to find a magistrate to have it recorded. On inquiry being made of him, he stated that he suspected a man by the name of Lemon of milking his cows, and watched him.

About 2 o’clock in the morning, he saw Lemon milk two or three cows belonging to some of our citizens, and afterwards commenced milking his, (Miller’s.) He crept cautiously up behind him, and severed his ear from his head before Lemon was aware of his approach.

‘You’ve scratched my ear,’ said Lemon.

‘I’se cot your ear,’ said Miller; and started off to find a magistrate, to have the ‘mark recorded.’

‘But,’ said the gentleman to whom he was communicating his exploit, ‘do you know the consequences of what you have done?’

‘Vy, pe shure he vill pe hung as tey toes in Charmany, ven a man sheals.’

‘No, he will not be hung; but you are liable to be sent to the penitentiary for what you have done.’

On learning that so far from performing a meritorious act, he had committed a penitentiary offence, he became alarmed, and offered Lemon $50 to settle it; but the latter demanded $500. Lemon came and procured a warrant for Miller; but when the constable went in pursuit of him he had fled, and has not yet been taken.

We understand Lemon’s story is, that his child being unwell, he went out with a tea-cup to get some milk; but not finding his own cow commenced milking Miller’s; when he was assaulted as above described.

Sandusky Clarion.

Huron Reflector (Norwalk, Ohio) Dec 17, 1839