Duoliteral and Facetious: What Do These Words Have in Common?

All the Vowel In One Word.

There are but six words in the English language which contain all the vowels in regular order — viz, abstemious, arsenious, anenious*, facetious, materious and tragedious. There is but one word which contains them in regular reverse order and that word is duoliteral.

Besides the above there are 149 English words which contain all the vowels in irregular order. Twelve of these begin with the letter a; 7 with b, 23 with c, 16 with d, 14 with e, 4 with f, 7 with g, 1 with h, 6 with i, 2 with j, 2 with m, 2 with n, 2 with o, 13 with p, 1 with q, 5 with r, 9 with s, 2 with t, 15 with u and 6 with v.

— St. Louis Republic

Kentucky New Era – Apr 3, 1896

*No online definition, however, Essentials of Materia Medica and Prescription Writing (1892) has a reference that indicates it is a type of acid.

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