“Aperl Fool!” My What Fun


MANDY JANE! where did you git
That awful smut upon your nose?
Jimmy Jones, you’ve tored a hole
In that bran’ new suit o’close!
Ann Eliza, there’s your beau
Comin’ here, I do declare,
An’ he’ll never come agin
If he sees that head o’hair.”

So Jane, with harsh endeavor,
Rubs her spotless nose’s end;
And Jimmy Jones, to see the hole,
Doth twist and turn and bend;
While Ann Eliza flies upstairs
As fast as she can run —
“Aperl fool!” cries little Joe.
My, what fun!

Not a thing in all the house
All day long is fit to eat;
Salt is in the sugar bowl,
Sugar sprinkled on the meat.
“Ma, a han’sum lady’s called,
Wants to speak alone to pa.”
“Pa, the preacher’s in the parlor,
An’ he heard you scoldin’ ma.”

Letters come with nothing in;
Door-bells jingle — no one’s there!
And before you take a seat
You had better test the chair.
Hither, thither, helter-skelter,
Flushed and wrathful, rush and run —
“Aperl fool!” cries little Joe.
My, what fun!

Mrs. George Archibald, in Judge.

The Carroll Herald – Mar 26, 1890

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