A President Taylor – A Tailor President

Bottom of cartoon says, “The Tennessee Mule on a Rampage. I Veto Nine Tailors to Make a Man.”

Surface Diggings & Siftings.

WE HAVE HAD A PRESIDENT TAYLOR, and now we have a tailor president. Little did the present incumbent think when following the peaceful profession of his youth, that his goose would one day hang so high, and that he, who once aided in dressing up his Southern patrons, would one day be called to assist in dressing down the same individuals, and in giving particular fits to so many rebellious customers.

The war has come to its close (clothes.) The “repossession” of the Southern forts has left enough dead men in the breaches — let all breaches now be mended.

Our President’s previous life has been but sew, sew; but if he pants for fame, he is vested with sufficient authority to clothe the naked and bleeding South with the garment of mercy, so that our peace may not prove to be a patched-up one, but a blessing to all parties.

Although not of a character so benign as his predecessor, may he conduct his administration with such vigor as to make it appear that there be nine men in the Presidential chair, instead of only the ninth part of one!

The Golden Era (San Francisco, California) Jan 21, 1866

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