Sam: The Ruling Spirit of America

“Who is Sam?”

He is the worthy son of old granny FEDERALISM, whose history is recorded in the alien and sedition laws, and such other kindred measures of government, as her ardent worshippers labored to perpetuate as best adapted to keep in check the impertinent spirit of republicanism, which was manifest in this country at an early day, and to promote which the republican or democratic party labored hard, and triumphantly.

“Sam” is now nearly forty-one years of age, having been born at Hartford, Connecticut, in the first “Know Nothing lodge” ever created in this country, in the fall of 1814. The “lodge” was held in session for three weeks, and no outsider knew what was going on within. Finally the doors were thrown open, and it was proclaimed that a new ruler was born, and the principles of his code were proscription of the South; and vengeance on foreign-born citizens, viz: Representation according to free population, and entire prohibition of foreign-born citizens from voice or place, in any degree, in the administration of the affairs of government; which, interpreted, means abolitionism in its Yankee form, and repeal of all naturalization laws.

“Sam,” at his birth, was an ill-looking, unpromising little creature, almost an abortion — so much so, indeed, that his parents and godfathers were ashamed to have him christened in public, and it is believed that the ceremony was not performed until 1854, when the “lodge” again secretly met, and, after great deliberation, it was decided to have the ceremony performed at midnight, and announced “Sam” as the ruling spirit of America, and he issued his bull accordingly, proclaiming that “Americans should rule America.”

Mountain Democrat, The (Placerville, California) Jul 21, 1855

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