“Maggie and Jiggs”

The Sunday School picnic held last Saturday at City Park was a decided success. There was a good attendance from both schools. The children as well as the older folks were entertained with games, peanut scrambles for the tots, wheelbarrow race, tug of war, treasure hunt, marshmallow eating contest, balloon blowing contest, and others.

“Maggie and Jiggs” were cartoon characters. Read about them at The Holloway PagesBringing Up Father,  where I found the above image.

The most interesting game was “Maggie and Jiggs.” A dummy representing “Jiggs” was placed in a sitting posture on a bench, while the women stood at a distance, with rolling pins in hand. One at a time they threw the rolling pins at “Jiggs.” The idea was to knock his hat off, but few did the trick. There were many wild and wicked throws by the women, making it exciting as well as interesting.

Then of course, the picnic lunch was a most enjoyable feature, as everyone knows a good appetite always accompanies an outdoor lunch, especially after spirited baseball games, between Shiloh and Chewsville. The Shiloites are highly elated having won both games. The day was very warm, but everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable time.

Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland) Aug 2, 1930

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