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The Quiet Town of Rockville Centre

May 5, 2010

The wreck of the bargue Mexico in 1837, 115 dead. The Bristol was also shipwrecked a week earlier. The unclaimed dead from both shipwrecks are buried here. The monument was erected in memory of the loss of life from both ships. Raynor Rock Smith was a hero in saving 8 persons from the wreck of the Mexico. This poem was engraved of one panel on the stone. "In this grave from the wide ocean doth sleep The bodies of those that crossed the deep And instead of being landed safe on the shore In a cold frosty night they are no more" Added by: Mary Jane Denton 10/03/2008

Image from Find-A-Grave

Census-Taker Gets Easy Job

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (AP) — Mrs. Marian Attfield, the first census taker to complete her rounds in Nassau county, returned to headquarters here yesterday and told officials:

“No one would talk.”

She explained that she found the Long Island area assigned to her contained nothing but a cemetery and an abandoned house.

Carroll Daily Times Herald (Carroll, Iowa) Apr 4, 1950

Government Mule Stampede

May 5, 2010

Scheming Mules (Artist - Arline Tinus)

Image can be found HERE.


The 1500 mules belonging to the United States, that have been for some time about two miles above this city, have made a regular stampede, and breaking through their enclosure, have scattered in every direction up and down the coast and into the swamp. a gentleman, who is our informant, and saw the rush, says it was the most magnificent sight he ever witnessed, as they dashed off in full speed.

He was unable to say what was the cause that occasioned their fright and consequent movement, and we omitted to enquire whether it was before or after the mail arrived yesterday, for if they had become acquainted who the election returns from New York and New Jersey, they, being government mules, might well become alarmed.

Any one who may undertake the attempt of collecting them all again, we think will probably “see the Elephant.” — N.O. Bulletin.

Daily Sentinel And Gazette (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Dec 10, 1846