Government Mule Stampede

Scheming Mules (Artist - Arline Tinus)

Image can be found HERE.


The 1500 mules belonging to the United States, that have been for some time about two miles above this city, have made a regular stampede, and breaking through their enclosure, have scattered in every direction up and down the coast and into the swamp. a gentleman, who is our informant, and saw the rush, says it was the most magnificent sight he ever witnessed, as they dashed off in full speed.

He was unable to say what was the cause that occasioned their fright and consequent movement, and we omitted to enquire whether it was before or after the mail arrived yesterday, for if they had become acquainted who the election returns from New York and New Jersey, they, being government mules, might well become alarmed.

Any one who may undertake the attempt of collecting them all again, we think will probably “see the Elephant.” — N.O. Bulletin.

Daily Sentinel And Gazette (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Dec 10, 1846

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