Mashed to a Mummy

Steam Driven Rolling Mill

Image from the  Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation website. They have an interesting project going on, which is explained on the website and includes pictures.  Here is their mission statement:

The mission of the Tod Engine Foundation is to preserve the steelmaking heritage of the Youngstown steelmaking district, and to preserve the history and technology of large reciprocating engines in the steel industry.   Our major project is the construction of the Tod Engine Heritage Park in Youngstown, where we have preserved the Tod Engine, a 260 ton rolling mill steam engine built in Youngstown.

Screaming Man Mummy

Mummy image from the article, The Mother of All Mysteries.

Horrible Death.

We learn by the Morgantown, (Pa.) Republican, that a young man by the name of James Weerman, by imprudently trying to jump from one side of a machine to the other, in Messrs. E.C. Ellicott & Co.’s Rolling Mill, on Cheat river, was caught between the rollers and drawn through in the twinkling of an eye, and thus was mashed to a mummy — the result of sheer carelessness on his part.

The Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) May 3, 1841

OPINION: The description of  “mashed like a mummy” seems odd, since mummies aren’t usually flat, but I guess they were trying to stretch a very short news item by adding all the figurative language. Sort of like how I have managed to take this very short news article and stretch it out even further! haha!

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