The Englishmen at Bunker Hill

Image from Wikimedia

Two strangers recently visited Bunker Hill, and ascended to the top of the Monument. After they had asked a number of questions, which the superintendent answered very politely, he told them it was customary to pay a small sum for ascending the Monument. At this they were highly indignant, and said they thought it was a free country, and this place should be free to all; — they would not be gulled out of their money by a Yankee! an Englishman ought to be allowed to go free to such public places, &c.

The superintendent bowed very politely, and said, ‘I wish you had mentioned that you were Englishmen before, for they are the only persons we admit free; we consider that THEY paid dear enough for ascending this hill on the 17th of June, 1776!’

The Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) May 10, 1841

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