Dee-Vine and Jaunty Togs and Frocks: More Etta Kett Paper Dolls

Etta Kett Paper Doll - 1933

Etta Kett, Our New Paper Doll Visits You

This smart young lady is Etta Kett, Paul Robinson, who draws the famous comic strip in the newspapers, has given us Etta Kett in paper doll form. She is coming to visit you girls in your own home and bringing with her some of her prettiest clothes. Etta is called the best dressed girl in the newspapers.

As soon as Etta arrives cut her carefully from the square in which she is enclosed, taking care not to cut the dresses, pasted on a piece of cardboard, then cut out. Fold back on dotted line and she will stand up. When cutting out her dresses be sure to leave the little tabs with the dotted lines and fold back on the edge of the garment. These tabs will hold the dress on.

You will enjoy dressing Etta much more if you color the frocks and hats with crayon or water colors. In using the latter, care must be taken not to mix too much water or the dress will be so wet it will tear. You might color the sports dress at the left a bright blue with dark blue tie and white cuffs and the belt left black for patent leather. The jumper would be pretty brown with bright colors in the plaid jacket lining and tie. Color hats to match. A bit of gold or silver paint for belt buckles will set off the dresses. If you wish to touch Etta’s cheeks and lips with a bit of color be careful not to get on too much make-up. Evidently she is a brunette. You will notice that Etta has with her today only sports and day dresses but others will come next week.

Lewiston Evening Journal – Apr 8, 1933

Etta Kett Play Fashions - 1933


Etta Kett Shows New Togs - 1935


Easter Isn’t Far Away — and Here’s an Etta Kett Cut-Out Doll With a Tailored Outfit and New Sports Costumes

EDITOR’S NOTE — So many youthful Globe-Gazette readers wrote to the managing editor asking for more Etta Kett dolls he felt it his duty to publish another one today and hopes you like it.

Just as he promised some time ago the editor of the Globe-Gazette today publishes another Etta Kett cut-out paper doll — with several jaunty new costumes. Etta is shown wearing her latest bathing suit, a trick little affair with a cute anchor right over her heart to prove that Etta loves the sea. In upper left you’ll find a sweater which Etta dons over her bathing outfit when the beach breezes become a trifle chilly. In lower left is a tailored suit with tight-fitting jacket and lengthy herringbone skirt. That’s quite a swagger coat too. In upper right is some of Etta’s new millinery — the hat with front bow will look well with the tailored outfit and the little tam is for beach wear or with the riding habit. In lower right is the riding habit — the very latest word in this type of toggery. Now, if you are all good children, perhaps, within a few days, the editor will print another charming Etta Kett cut-out paper doll.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Mar 26, 1935

Etta Kett - Another Clever Cut-Out - 1936

Here’s New Etta Kett Doll

Get Scissors and Paste! Another Clever Cut Out — Just for You!

JUST AS HE PROMISED he would the editor of the Globe-Gazette today publishes another Etta Kett cut-out paper doll, featuring the famous comic strip heroine and some of her new togs for spring.

Don’t you imagine Etta will look lovely in them? Especially that pretty party frock!

Well, here’s how you can find out. Paste the entire picture on this cardboard. Then cut the dresses and hat and try them on her.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Mar 26, 1936


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