Prophet Mohammed and the King of Tramps

Prophet Mohammed - Glasgow, Scotland


It was in a court of law, and a witness was being cross examined.

Counsel — Why do you assert that the plaintiff is insane?

Witness — Because he goes about declaring he is the Prophet Mohammed.

Counsel — And do you consider that clear proof of his insanity?

Witness — I do.

Counsel — Why?

“Because,” answered the witness, with a complacent smile, “I am the Prophet Mohammed myself.”

— Exchange.

New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) Jun 2, 1922


The Continent Wheelbarrow Trotter, “Mohammed,” Arrives in Reno — He Will Hold a Levee on the Plaza this Evening.

“Mohammed, the King of Tramps,” called at the GAZETTE office this forenoon. He is on his return trip to Cincinnatti, from which city he started with his wheelbarrow February 1st of this year, arriving in San Francisco on the 12th of July. He left San Francisco for the east July 20th, but has lost twenty days on the road owing to a fall from a railroad trestle which laid him up for that length of time. His accident also caused the loss of the records of his trip and a cigarette holder presented to him by late Vice President Hendricks.

According to the terms of his wager, as he related them, he must travel with his barrow 10,000 miles in 450 days. He must put up only at the best class of hotels on his road. He was to start with only one cent in his pocket and was not to beg or accept anything in charity, nor steal anything while on his trip. Last but not least he must, before the termination of his trip, marry some woman with whom he became acquainted while on his travels.

The last condition he says he will fulfill when he arrives at Ogden. “Mohammed” refused to give the name of the expectant bride, but said she was from Sacramento and that she would pass here in a few days in a Pullman for Ogden. He showed her picture to a GAZETTE scribe, or one at least whom he said was the future Mrs. Mohammed, who by her royal marital connection will acquire the title of “Queen of Tramps.” The photo represents a rather buxom damsel, tolerably good looking, but with a cast of countenance which indicates that when she gets her dander up her peregrinating spouse would do well to make a wheelbarrow trip to his native Turkey rather than endure her righteous wrath.

The wheel of the barrow is flanged so that it can be trundled on a railroad track, and it has upon it a small locker in which he stores his light baggage. He will give an exhibition of slight-of-hand, paper manipulating, etc., on the Plaza this evening. He says he is a Turk, and 32 years of age.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Aug 18, 1892

Grand Opera House - Ogden, Utah


He Gets Married at Ogden Last Week.

A novel ceremony, which united in marriage for better or worse Hassan Mohammed, the self-styled King of Tramps, and Miss Emily S. Campbell of Sacramento, was performed last week in the Grand Opera House at Ogden, Utah, before a good-sized audience. Mohammed is walking under the terms of a wager from Cincinnati to San Francisco and back, and reached Ogden on the home stretch last week pushing his wheelbarrow. Miss Campbell arrived at Ogden on Tuesday of last week in a Pullman over the Southern Pacific. One of the conditions of Mohammed’s wager is that on his journey of 10,000 miles he must marry a woman he never met before.

Miss Campbell was born in Canada and emigrated with her family to California ten years ago. She is 28 years of age, and became acquainted with Mohammed by answering an advertisement in a newspaper. She is a telegraph operator by profession and her father is in the livery business in Sacramento. Mohammed selected her out of 1,500 applications received to marry him. She says she marries him because she thinks he is a true man and not for money, and even if he fails to win the wager she will stay with him should they be compelled to exist on potatoes and salt. From Ogden the couple go to Salt Lake and then east to Omaha.

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) Sep 30, 1892

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2 Responses to “Prophet Mohammed and the King of Tramps”

  1. David Gallagher Says:

    this sounds extremely similar to the story of Harry Bensley who was the subject of a wager between JP Morgan and Lord Lonsdale in 1908

  2. mrstkdsd Says:


    Thanks for linking the Harry Bensley story. This seemed to be a sort of popular thing to do back them. I ran across a few other articles in the old papers that were similar.

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