Here Lies George W. Pike

“And Departing Leave Behind Them –“


Underneath this stone in eternal rest
Sleeps the wildest one of the wayward west.
He was a gambler and sport and cowboy too
And he led the pace in an outlaw crew.
He was sure on the trigger and staid to the end
But he never was known to quit on a friend.
In the relations of death all mankind is alike
But in life there was only one George W. Pike.

This image of George W. Pike is from a one-page biography which can be read at the Find-A-Grave website, where I also found the tombstone picture.

Perhaps it’s just as well that “there was only one George W. Pike” for Malcolm Campbell, a famous old time sheriff of Wyoming, is authority for the statement that Pike’s “remarkable record for horse-stealing extended over a period of 15 years during which time there were few terms of court that he was not down for at least two counts …but he was never convicted of a crime in his life.”!

(by Western Newspaper Union.)

Pinedale Roundup (Pinedale, Wyoming) Dec 8, 1932

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3 Responses to “Here Lies George W. Pike”

  1. G. Wayne Pike Says:

    This is interesting–I am a former sheriff and United States marshal–George W. Pike

    • Kristie Says:

      George, where are you from? My family name on my grandmother’s side is Pike. Great Great Great Grandfather Horace Pike, Great Great Grandfather Grove Pike, and Great Grandfather George N Pike. His son, my great uncle, was also named George.

  2. oldnews Says:

    Ha ha! I guess you bring redemption to the name! At least his friends thought he was a good guy. Thanks for commenting.

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