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Thirteen Rebellious Stripes

June 13, 2010

The first American Flag that was displayed in great Britain was hoisted on board the ship Bedford, Capt. Moores, of Nantucket.

She arrived at the Downs February 3, 1783, passed Grayesend the 4th, and was reported at the Custom House on the 5th.

A London journal of 1783 states that she was not allowed regular entry until some consultation had taken place between the  commissioners of the customs and the lords of council, on account of the many acts of parliament yet in force against the rebels in America.

She is loaded with 487 butts of whale oil, is American built, manned wholly by American seamen, wears the rebel colors, and belongs to the Island of Nantucket in Massachusetts.

This is the first vessel which has displayed the thirteen rebellious stripes in any British port. The vessell is at Horesley-down, a little below the tower, and is intended immediately to return to New England.

The Experiment (Norwalk, Ohio)   Jul 6, 1842

Title: Story of the American Flag
Editor:Samuel Fallows
Publisher: Educational publishing co., 1903
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