A Lady Hoists the Rebel Flag

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A Lady Hoists the Rebel Flag.

PORTLAND, Or., July 5.

Yesterday morning word came to the members of the G.A.R., that a Rebel flag was floating on the residence of Geor. S.H. Jackson, a sewing-machine agent, corner of Third and Caruthers streets. A committee of three went to the house and learned that it was a genuine Confederate flag. Mrs. Jackson told the committee that she had placed it there.

She had lost her first husband fighting for it, and that flag was as proper as the Stars and Stripes, and she refused to take it down, but Jackson, her husband, removed it, but not until the committee threatened to do it for him.

Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada) Jul 7, 1899

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One Response to “A Lady Hoists the Rebel Flag”

  1. Robert Taylor QSM Says:

    To be so afraid of a flag speaks legends about how much it was revered. To have seen the spirit of her husband in the flag is both understandable and commendable. The flag still endures contempt and I take heart that it means the flag is still revered to such an extent that it causes opponents to be fearful. Some have dishonored that proud flag through the 50’s 60’s and even today.
    I won’t mention who they are, but criminals are the same no matter what the pretext. I am not American but I am filled with Southern pride for what was the dignity, courage and loyalty of the South, so brutally treated for exercising its democratic right to self government. The flag represents those things to me, individual rights, even the right to fly a flag of your choosing and as a member of the American Civil War Round Table in Australia, that flag is my flag. We have a long way to go to peel away the prejudice of 150 years, flying the flag is the beginning not the end. And what a fine beginning it is.

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