Turkish Fleet Celebrates America’s Day of Independence

Maine Man in Turk Navy.

(Kennebec Journal)

The Turkish navy does not rank very high among the navies of the world, being just a little stronger than that of Switzerland, but it is interesting to note that a Maine man has just been named as its commander. The new admiral, Ransford D. Bucknam, was born in Bucksport, the picturesque old town on the Penobscot which has sent out so many good sailors during the last century.

He is only 42 years of age, and his early training was in the American merchant marine. Later he became trial captain for the American war vessels built for the Cramps, and in this capacity he commanded a vessel built at Philadelphia for the Turkish government. He took the new vessel to Constantinople, while there the sultan offered him the position of naval adviser of the Turkish navy, and from that position he has risen in a few years to be the highest officer in the Turkish service.

The story is told that two years ago on July 4, this patriotic son of Bucksport made the entire Turkish fleet celebrate the great American day of Independence. He organized games and competitions, had his band play patriotic American airs, delivered a Fourth of July oration to his sailors, and set off fireworks in the evening. Instead of a reprimand this brought praise from the sultan, who respected his patriotic sentiments and admired his spirit of independence.

San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) Dec 5, 1907

Read more about Bucknam Pashna Ottoman Navy at the Mavi Boncuk blog.

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