Make A Lawyer of Him


An old lady waked into a lawyer’s office lately, when the following conversation took place:

Lady — Squire, I called to see if you would like to take this boy and make a lawyer of him.

Lawyer — The boy appears rather young, madam — how old is he?

Lady — Seven years, sir.

Lawyer — He is too young, decidedly too young. Have you no boys older?

Lady — O yes, sir. I have several; but we have concluded to make farmers of the others. I told my old man I thought this little fellow would make a first rate lawyer, and so I called to see if you would take him.

Lawyer — No, madam; he is too young yet, to commence the study of the profession. But why do you think this boy any better calculated for a lawyer than your other sons?

Lady — Why, you see, sir, he’s just seven years old to-day. When he was only five, he’d lie like all natur; when he got to be six, he was as sassy and impudent as any critter could be; and now he’ll steal every thing he can lay his hands on!

The Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) Mar 4, 1854

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