Sally Poll the Clothespin Doll

The Nicest One.

I’ve got the dearest dolly,
and her name is Sally Poll.
She used to be a clothespin
‘Fore she got to be a doll.

Aunt Maggie made her for me
When I had the whooping cough,
And she marked her face with charcoal,
But it’s almost all come off.

Her dress is only gingham,
And she hasn’t any hair.
She ain’t a truly beauty,
But I tell her not to care.

For I’ve got a great big family
Of dollies, large and small,
And Sally Polly Clothespin is
The nicest doll of all.

— Gladys Hyatt in American Agriculturist.

Cambridge City Tribune (Cambridge City, Indiana) Dec 23, 1897


Two stately little ladies these, as ever you have known,
With petticoats so very stiff that they can stand alone.
Each has a smiling face upon her wooden head,
A dainty cap adoring each, with frills, and ribbon red.
Their gown, all made of scarlet silk, are beautiful to see;
Aunt Lou dressed them for Marjorie, when she was only three.
At night, the ladies are undressed, and each is then arrayed
In nightgown white, with cap and cape, and on the pillow laid.
When Marjorie jumps into bed, she takes them in her arms,
And hugs them tight to keep them safe from the dark’s alarms.
On birthdays, and at Christmas time, all kinds of dolls she gets;
But these, her little clothespin dolls, are still her dearest pets.

Title: Our Young People
Authors: St. John’s Institute for Deaf-Mutes, St. John’s School for the Deaf
Publisher: Young People Co., 1916
(Google book LINK)

The Our Canadian Girl website has easy-to-follow instructions (with pictures) for making a clothespin doll.

These instructions came from a magazine page posted by blueprairie on Flickr.

The pattern pieces:

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