Turtle Trouble


Causes Asphyxiation of Poultry and Pigs by Biting a Gas Pipe

South Norwalk, Conn., July 29. — A snapping turtle weighing forty pounds cost the lives of 100 chickens and three pigs in Herman Jacobs’ barn at Roton Point. Incidentally two of Jacobs’ farmhands were made ill by inhaling illuminating gas.

After a hard fight Jacobs captured the turtle in a swamp a few days ago. He chained it to a stake in his back yard and started to fatten it, intending to invite his friends to a turtle supper.

The turtle got loose yesterday and crawled into the model barn, which contains a gas plant. Without the slightest apparent inconvenience to itself the turtle snapped off a gas pipe.

The gas, escaping in large quantities, soon filled the barn. In the barn are a hennery and piggery; the unfortunate chickens and pigs were asphyxiated quickly; the farm hands, looking for the leak, inhaled much gas.

Jacobs will continue to fatten the turtle and finally will serve it to his friends if only for vengeance sake.

Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Jul 29, 1910


New Jersey Bather Recaptures Pet That Wandered Away Several Years Ago.

Upper Montville, N.J. — A snapping turtle that Hilliard Throckmorton had lost 22 years ago returned to him when he was bathing in Green pond. He long had mourned his loss, but he mourned its return still more.

Throckmorton was having his daily swim when suddenly a toe of his left foot was caught and held. He tried to shake off his new attachment, but it refused to let go. He swam to the shore, almost fainting from pain and exertion.

A cold chisel and a poker were necessary to make the snapper let go. Then the following inscription was found carved on the shell: “H.T., 1888.”

“Why,” gasped Throckmorton, “I made that on a pet turtle when I was fifteen years old.”

The Humeston New Era (Humeston, Iowa) Aug 3, 1910

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