Young William Tell Fails

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Daring Young Marksman Shoots His Father’s Lip Instead of His Cigar.

The daring act of William Tell in shooting an apple from the head of his son found emulation the other night at a saloon at No. 4114 Hughes avenue, Baltimore, but in this case it was the son who essayed the display of marksmanship, his father being the target.

Edward Thomas, Jr., 12 years old, has long been known as a crack shot. So proud has his father been of the fact that he has frequently allowed the boy to shoot apples from his head and cigars from his mouth. the other night Edward outdid himself.

The saloon was crowded, and when several strangers scouted the idea of the son attempting, or the father permitting such a thing, the parent took his stand in a corner of the room, and, placing a lighted cigar in his mouth, ordered the boy to knock the ashes off with his trusty rifle.

Crack went the rifle, while the spectators stood on tiptoe to witness the feat. To their surprise, Edward, Sr., swerved about and fell to the floor. Thinking he was killed a doctor was hastily summoned, when it was found that the bullet had passed completely through his upper lip.

Daily Iowa State Press (Iowa City, Iowa) Nov 1, 1901

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