The Schooner, St. Peter Sinks in Lake Ontario

The St. Peter Being Towed

Image from The Ship’s Helm website, which has more on the haunted St. Peter.


Toledo, O., Oct. 28. — The three masted schooner St. Peter, a Toledo boat, foundered yesterday seven miles north-west of Sodus, Lake Ontario in twenty fathoms of water. She had 700 tons of hard coal for Toledo. Captain John Griffin is her owner, his wife and the crew of seven were drowned, but Griffin himself was saved. The schooner was built in 1873 at Toledo and was valued at $4,500.

The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) Oct 28, 1898


Schooner St. Peter and Crew Lost on Lake Ontario.

SODUS, N.Y., Oct. 29. — The 3-masted schooner St. Peter of St. Vincent sank about five miles northwest of Sodus on Lake Ontario. Of her crew of 10 Captain John N. Griffin alone escaped. During the forenoon the people at Pultneyville sighted the St. Peter and word was sent to Charlotte and the tug Proctor started with the lifesaving crew. When within a mile of the St. Peter the crew on the Proctor were horrified to see the distressed ship sink. In 10 minutes the tug was cruising about the spot where she went down. Captain Griffin was picked up in an unconscious condition. After spending half an hour looking for the other members of the illfated crew the tug started for Sodus point, where medical assistance was secured for the captain. He is still unconscious, but will recover.

Bismark Daily Tribune (Bismark, North Dakota) Oct 29, 1898

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