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Woman Perishes in Fire Saving Her Youngest Child

August 10, 2010

A Brave Mother’s Death.

POTTSVILLE, Pa., November 10. — The residence of John Hepter, at Grantville, Dauphin county, was destroyed by fire last night. Hepter is one of the wealthiest and most influential farmers in the Williamstown valley. He was called from home yesterday, but the other members of the family, consisting of Mrs. Hepter and six children, the eldest not being over thirteen years, retired earlier last night than usual. Mrs. Hepter was awakened by loud crackling flames. Rushing from the bedroom, she beheld the entire lower part of the house enveloped in flames. Returning to the room, she picked up two of the children and succeeded in getting them out. Two more were also saved, but badly burned from passing through the flames. The third trip was less successful, as she was forced to leave the house with only one of the two remaining children, which she placed beyond danger. For the fourth time the brave mother entered the burning building, but before reaching the sixth child, a little girl, the youngest of the family, her escape was cut off. They perished. The charred remains were found locked in each other’s arms.

The Helena Independent (Helena, Montana) Nov 18, 1882

NOTE: I checked census records for this family. The closest one I could find was actually HepLer, not HepTer, so perhaps it is a spelling/transcription error by the newspaper.