Gabby Gibbs Comic Strip and Paper Dolls

This comic strip began running (right above the Etta Kett strip in some papers) in 1935. I think this might be the first “Gabby” comic strip, which ran in The Daily Courier (Connellsville, Pennsylvania) on July 30, 1935. It ran in other papers as well.



My real reason for  posting this comic:  I ran across a Gabby Gibbs paper doll cut-out, and thought a little background might be nice. I also found the paper doll cut-out of Gabby’s girlfriend, Mary Ann Johnson:

Gabby Gibbs, the famous baseball pitcher and hero of William Ritt’s and Joe King’s strip, “Gabby,” takes pride in presenting two items of his wardrobe for you, young readers of The Globe-Gazette, to cut out and try on him.

The baseball suit makes Gabby look like the real big leaguer he is. The other outfit, a “business” suit may not look so hot but Gabby confides he got it “reasonable.”

If you’d like to see Gabby Gibbs’ pretty girl friend, Mary Ann Johnson, as a cut-out paper doll, you’d better write the editor of The Globe-Gazette. He may publish on for you.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Aug 7, 1935

Mary Ann Johnson — here she is. Gabby’s pretty little girl friend, as a cut-out paper doll in response to the many, many requests for a Mary Ann doll received from young readers of The Globe-Gazette.

Mary Ann today presents two of her frocks — attractive little costumes which we know you will be very eager to try on just to see how she looks in them.

Joe King and William Ritt, who create the “Gabby” strip, say they’d be happy to do more dolls for you –say, cut-outs with costumes of Rita La Roya and perhaps, Mom Gibbs. Would you like to add them to your collection? If you would, write the editor of The Globe-Gazette and tell him so.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Aug 8, 1935

I couldn’t find the Mom Gibbs or Rita La Roya paper dolls, so I don’t know if they were ever published or not.

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