Etta Kett – Final Fashions for Your Paper Doll Cut-Outs

Was the editor of The Vidette Messenger surprised!

He hoped you young readers would like the Etta Kett cutout doll printed recently, but, goodness! he certainly didn’t expect to receive so many enthusiastic letters from so many of you asking that another Etta Kett doll with costumes be printed.

So, he’s happy to print another Etta Kett doll for you today with four new costumes, three of which are removable.

Just look at those pretty things to wear — that clever bathing suit, those darling pajamas, the little suit of shorts and shirt and that perfectly beautiful gown with handsome sash.

The editor hopes you like this Etta Kett cut-out as well as the other doll.

The Vidette Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana) Jan 27, 1936

WELL, WELL, WELL! Here is Etta Kett that popular comic strip heroine, again. And she is presenting some of the new items in her spring wardrobe.

Paste the entire picture on this cardboard and then cut out the dresses and try them on Etta.

The editor of the Globe-Gazette has another Etta cut-out paper doll which he may publish if you write him and ask him to.

Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) Mar 25, 1936

By 1937, the Etta Kett paper doll cut-out craze seems to be winding down. They are just running outfits, without the addition of the  updated Etta Kett dolls.

And one more:

And then, from the Mason City Globe of Apr 22, 1937,  their final Etta Kett cut-out doll:

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