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Helen Hayes “Vanessa, Her Love Story” Paper Doll

September 1, 2010

Brownsville Herald - 1935

A twist in the paper doll postings; this is one in a series of “movie star” paper dolls (rather than comic strip characters) that were published in the newspapers. This Helen Hayes paper doll and all her outfits were published on one page in the Brownsville Herald,  June 16, 1935.

Fashion Notes

The plaintive beauty of Helen Hayes is known to theater-goers everywhere. Here, we see Miss Hayes with some of the gowns she wears in “Vanessa: Her Love Story,” recent MGM picture that lifted this star to new heights.

6. From Helen Hayes’ own personal wardrobe, a black silk organdie, moulded close to the figure and ruffled with rows of grey satin ribbon.

1. Heavy white satin checked crepe is fashioned into this simple gown. The square neckline and new box pleated ruffles which encircle the skirt and whirl to the knees are interesting fashion notes.

These hats didn’t have a description; I guess they can go with any of the outfits.

2. This lovely white organdie creation is dotted with black cellophane encircled with rhinestones. The collar is of finely pleated mouslin de soie.

3. This summer party frock shows a most effective treatment of a new printed blue and white organza. It is moulded tightly to the body from waist to hip and the skirt flares gracefully.

4. For lounging at home, this three-quarter smock of orchid satin is worn with long white satin trousers.

5. An evening gown of black and white striped taffeta. A huge boa of the same frock material is fastened with a great bow of black velvet ribbon.

Brownsville Herald (Brownsville, Texas) Jun 16, 1935