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Front and Back Yard Poetry

September 13, 2010


(Suggested by E.B.D., Muskegon, Mich.)

My old Dutch friend, years without end,
Each morning of his life,
With broom and pan (a cleanly man,
As cleanly as his wife)
His porch has swept, and then has stepped
From porch to walk to gate,
From house to street has kept things neat,
As tidy as his mate.

The world without has dust, no doubt,
Dishonesty, and sin,
But he keeps fair, his walk, his stair,
His little world within.
He cannot change and re-arrange
This world so wrong, so hard,
And yet Old Dutch can do this much —
Keep clean his own front yard.

Perhaps this earth would have more worth,
Be better than it is,
If all of us would follow thus
This simple rule of his.
How much it might help set things right,
How much it all would mean,
If you and I, if low or high,
Would keep our own yards clean.

(Copyright, 1930, by Douglas Malloch)

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Oct 9, 1930

Image from the O.C. History Round-up,  an interesting blog, particularly if you are from Orange County, California.


Seems to me that ev’rything around the place is glad,
Chickens scratch and robins sing and nothin’ feels so bad,
Seems to me the kittens play and that the old cow moos
Just about the same today as when they got the noos
That copper slumped and silver fell
And Wall Street wasn’t feelin’ well.

Seems that they don’t realize how things have gone to pot;
Still the roosters advertise around the old home lot,
Seems to me the chickens still hunt what they’re huntin’ for,
If worms are fewer in the hill just scratch a little more.
The pup’s as busy as the bird,
But then perhaps they haven’t heard.

Seems to me we’re too inclined to look across the fence,
Usin’ someone else’s mind, not our own common sense.
Seems to me we have our patch when business isn’t big —
That’s the place we ought to scratch, the ground we ought to dig.
The way to help when times are hard
Is scratchin’ in our own back yard.

(Copyright, 1930, by Douglas Malloch)

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Oct 30, 1930

The Common Backyard Hen

September 13, 2010

Image from the Rural Ramblings blog, which has lots of pictures and stories about farm life, animals etc. Very well done.


She’s no talker like the parrot,
And her singing is quite crude.
She has neither brains nor beauty,
And at times she’s rather rude;
But she gratifies her owner
With a fresh egg now and then,
And no bird is more respected
Than the common barnyard hen.
Those of us who are not brainy
And lack beauty, wit, and charm
Should not heed our imperfections,
Nor review them with alarm;
We can win respect and honor,
And delight our fellow men
If we’re useful and obliging,
Like the common backyard hen.

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Nov 21, 1930