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Herbert Hoover’s Poignant Duty

September 14, 2010

Attacks On New Deal Based On Constitution

Observes March of Events

Hoover, departing from his prepared address, said it was his “poignant duty” to observe the march of events “which lead to the overthrow of liberty.”

“Liberty never dies from direct attack,” he declared. “No one will dare rise tomorrow and say he is opposed to the bill of rights. Liberty dies from encroachment and disregard of its safeguards.

“In our country, abdication of its responsibilities and powers by obligations, centralization of authority into federal government, building of huge bureaucracies, coercion or intimidation of citizens, are the sort of first sapping of the safeguards of human rights that have taken place in other lands.”

Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) Sep 18, 1935

Constitution Day is September 17th

September 14, 2010

Lima News (Lima, Ohio) Sep 17, 1937.